Baby Essentials

Baby Essentials

Checklist Of The Most Important Feed And Breastfeeding Baby Essentials

Having a baby is one of the best feelings a woman can have. But it comes with having to purchase so many essential baby items. These essentials range from diapering to nursery and feeding/breastfeeding items. These items are necessary because they guarantee the utmost comfort for your baby. There are many checklists of baby items out there; this will guide you in buying baby items. Here are a few of the essential baby items you need to buy.

Checklists of the feeding and breastfeeding baby essentials

Whether you are feeding or breastfeeding, you need certain baby essentials to make things easier for you.

1) Checklist of the must-have baby essentials for feeding and breastfeeding mothers

Baby feeding bottle

Feeding bottles are the main baby feeding containers. You put prepared baby food in it for ease of sucking for your baby. On recommendation, buy glass feeding bottles for your baby. Glass feeding eliminates the risk of chemicals found in plastic bottles.

Strong Baby high chair

Having a high chair is necessary when your baby eats with the rest of the family. This chair provides your baby with the fun of eating with other family members.

Quality Burp Cloths

Burp cloths are necessary. You need about 4–5 of them. With these cloths, you can burp your baby.

Quality Baby Bibs

Feeding your baby sometimes is usually quite messy. You need baby bibs to protect and keep your baby clean while you feed her or him.

Good nipple cream

Most times, breastfeeding your baby comes with a lot of pain. As a breastfeeding mother, you relieve yourself of some pain when applying nipple cream. So, get a nipple cream for yourself if you decide to breastfeed your baby.

Quality Baby nursing pads

Sometimes, there are bound to be leaks when you are nursing a baby. So, you need nursing pads to ease these leaks.

2) Checklist of the nice to have baby essentials for feeding and breastfeeding mothers

Quality Baby sippy cups

You need to buy baby sippy cups for your baby. This cup is necessary when your baby drinks either water or juice by themselves.

Quality breast pump

A breast pump is one of the best baby essentials for a busy nursing mother. This is not a necessity, but it is good to have one. You need a breast pump to pump breast milk for storage.

Durable bags or bottles for the storage of milk

You need these storage bags or bottles to store the milk you will pump for storage.

Durable Good nursing pillows

Nursing pillows are good. In fact, it adds beauty and comfort to the art of nursing babies. With good a nursing pillow, you and your baby are bound to have better and comfortable nursing experience.

Quality food maker

Although most nursing mothers prefer handmade baby food, a food maker is good for them. Food makers will take away the stress of making your baby food. Thus, it gives you more time to rest and takes away some level of stress in nursing a baby.

Durable Food storage containers

You need storage containers to store your baby food. These food storage containers come in handy and will help you to preserve food for future use. These containers must be air-tight.