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Baby Nursery: 4 Fascinating Things About Babies

Do you have kids or are fascinated by lads and would like to know things about them? If you are then you may be thrilled about some fascinating things about babies. Actually, there are a lot of fascinating things about them that are unknown to parents who have kids and may need baby nursery to train their kids physically, psychologically, and morally.

More so, babies are such interesting little ‘creatures’ that myriad of people all around the world love. If you are among those people, then here are 4 fascinating things about babies that may help you appreciate their cuteness more, or that may help you to be a better parent even if you need the help of baby nursery.

1) Baby Kneecaps

Do you know that baby kneecaps do not show up in x-rays? If you do not know, now you may be fascinated and may ask: ‘if the kneecaps do not show up in x-rays, does that mean babies do not have kneecaps?’ They do have kneecaps that are invisible to x-rays. What it means is that it is not bones like adults’. Babies’ kneecaps are cartilages and would be that way for years. That is why they are invisible to x-rays. Then next on the list might really surprise you, but it is a fact.

2) Babies have more bones than adults

Before you make a face, you should know that a new born baby has 300 bones in his/her small cute body. And you know the number of bones in an adult body, right? If you do not, it is 206. It is normal if you would want to know what happened to the rest of the bones. Take a guess. If you guess right, then your answer should be that those bones fuse as they grow older. This is amazing, isn’t it? One of the ‘magic’ of human evolution. There are a ton of other fascinating things about babies, keep reading.

3) The number of known taste buds babies have. This is impossible to guess, unless you are told or read about it. A baby has about 10,000 taste buds! What makes this very fascinating is the fact that it is way more than the numbers of taste buds adult have. ‘How is that possible’ you said? Here is how it works in the tongue of babies. These taste buds are not just limited to the tongue in their mouth. The taste buds are everywhere, literally! You could find them at the side, roof, back of their mouth. Imagine just how sensitive to taste that would be?!

So what happens to those taste buds? They eventually disappear as they grow older. So now you would know that it is not just the physical appearance and brain synopsis connections that do change as babies grow. Everything changes as cells replicate and eventually die.

4) High-contrast images

Normally, a new born baby could only focus 8 to 10 inches from his/her face. They less prefers colored graphic images and would prefer black and white images as well as high-contrast images. So as a parent that needs baby nursery or not, you should know what to do here.

These are some fascinating things you should know.