Baby Onesies

Baby Onesies

What You Should Know About Baby Onesies, Shirts And Other Clothing Items

Pregnancy is the most amazing experience you'll ever have in your lifetime. Everything that happens from the day you discover you were pregnant to the day your baby arrives will remain engraved in your heart eternally. It's not going to be easy to keep things together when the baby comes but preparing and learning all you can before time will go a long way. By the end of the third trimester, you should have everything planned out from baby clothing to toiletries and nursery. You don't need to wait until your baby arrives before you start running around to buy clothing. At least a few onesies and other clothing should be available in your stack before your due date.

While you may be tempted to start dressing your newborn like a superstar, it is important that you remember that babies are fragile beings. The simpler you keep their outfits, the better.

What You Should Know About Baby Outfits for First Time Moms

1) Baby Onesies

Baby onesies are one piece of baby clothing that have become essential in every new mom's list. Buying about five to seven pieces of these clothing is ideal. The baby can sleep and play comfortably in them. As your baby grows older, you can buy bigger sizes. Onesies help keep your baby warm too.

2) Pull-on Pants

Although baby onesies are the most popular clothing for babies, especially newborns, you can still buy fitting pull-on pants. These pants allow you to change your baby's dirty clothes quickly without assembling a new outfit entirely. Pants with stretch waistbands are the best. They fit easily, and you can expand them as your baby grows up. You can have five to seven pieces of this clothing for a start.

3) Baby Shirts

You should buy some shorts for your newborn as well. The most protective shirts are turtlenecks. They help keep your little one warm. However, make sure you go for turtleneck shirts that have a lot of room in the neck area as these make the baby most comfortable. Your baby doesn't need a tight fitting turtleneck shirt. Something that can slip over your baby's head easily is just what you need. Buying about five to seven shirts is a good start.

4) Socks and Booties

The number of socks can be limitless as they are crucial for outdoor and indoor dressing. They keep your baby's feet from getting pale even when you're outdoors.

5) Sweater or Jacket

Just like most babies, your newborn might not want to have clothes pulled over his or her head. So, having at least one jacket or sweater that buttons down in front will help you keep the baby warm.

6) Wearable Blankets

Buying at least two to three wearable blankets in addition to baby onesies and other clothing is ideal. Simply wear this over the sleepwear at night to keep the baby warm all night long. The wearable blankets don't shake while your baby sleeps, so they reduce the risk of suffocating normally associated with traditional blankets.


Don't forget to buy hats for summer or winter depending on when you're expecting the baby. You can buy different sizes of clothes before you have your and return the ones that don't fit. Always look out for your baby's comfort. If the outfit isn't comfortable, remove it at once.