Baby Shower Gifts

Baby Shower Gifts

Buying Guide For Baby Shower Gifts

Baby showers have become increasingly popular among expectant mothers. Although this culture is seen as a modern celebration that was inherited from America, its origins stem back from historical times. As is the case with other significant transitional events, like marriage and coming of age, baby showers were hosted in order to make a new part in the life of a woman which is motherhood.

Traditions may vary depending on the country in question. With different rituals and interpretation. However, a recent survey of 3,000 women found that the primary reason for hosting a baby shower was for gifts. Whether you decide to buy baby shower gifts for the mum-to-be or the baby, it can be difficult to give something they really need. This content discusses the top tips for choosing the perfect baby shower gift.

Shopping Tips For Your Baby Shower Gifts

The Baby Basics Present

If you love to buy practical presents, you can't shop past nappies, wipes, singlets and bodysuits to name a few. Try to purchase some items in larger sizes so that a new mum won't be overwhelmed with 0000 clothing. Nappies seem like the ideal handy gift here. Remember you can always buy a nappy cake and make it into a gift.

The Recommended Present

If you are a mum already, you may choose to buy an expecting mum a product that you think is invaluable. If you have discovered what you see as the perfect sippy cup, feeding spoon and swaddle on the market, put that into a gift bag.

The Mum Indulgence Gift

This is particularly a good idea if the expectant mother is not a first-time mum. It can also be great if she is in line with the idea of hosting a get-together with close friends rather than a gift-sharing extravaganza. Some well-scented body wash can do here so that the mum can have a luxurious shower after childbirth. The fragrance will remind her of her special day forever. Maybe a voucher for a massage, pedicure and facial will be ideal as well.

The All-in-one Present

This is an excellent idea for those who have less experience with buying for gifts for babies. Pool your money for big-ticket items (such as a swing or rocker) or a hamper containing smaller, necessary items (such as towels, wipes and face washers, etc.). Include someone who is already a mum when shopping. This is to make sure you are not spending your money on items that won't be useful. Select a valuable item to accommodate your hamper. Maybe a bathtub or baby bath that can also accommodate toys down the track.

The Cheap But Costly Gift

You do not have to break your budget to give out a nice present. If you are finding it difficult to find something that does not make you feel cheap. Why not consider something that may not be expensive but appears expensive for what is it. Go for something that looks luxurious and not one that a new mum who is budget-conscious would likely buy herself. Some examples include cool bibs, cute teethers or funky muslin cloths.