Best Baby Toys

Best Baby Toys

How To Find The Best Baby Toys For Your Toddler

Babies can be such wonderful charming creatures, so we want to do everything in our power to ensure they get the very best of care. We all want the best for our babies, therefore when we go to toy shops to purchase toys we are always on the lookout for toys with "educational" or "developmental" labels. Our understanding is that these toys will add to the developmental process of our babies.

What people do not know is that some of the claims on these labels are not backed up by research or evidence. Although the majority of the baby toys in the market are not harmful to babies, some just happen to be more developmentally helpful than others.

Below are some of the features you should look out for in order to find the best baby toys for your toddlers;

1) Toys that are open-ended:

When you want to find the best baby toys for your toddler, look for those that are open-ended, i.e. a toy that does not evoke a singular response from your baby; toys that can be used in different ways. An open-ended toy can be used for a variety of purpose, and even as the child grows it can still be relevant. The toy will basically grow with the baby.

2) Toys that allow experimental play:

Children are born to be experimental. The best form of play for them is exploration; they exhibit several "what happens if I do this?" behavior. The best baby toys for them are those that respond differently to the child's different action or toys that are open-ended (they can be used in different ways and for different activities).

3) Toys that allow parent participation:

When choosing a toy, look for one that allows and encourage your participation in the playing and learning of the child. A toy that does less for the child and allows your inclusion as parent or guardian, by way of singing, telling stories, asking questions or making animal sound is often more preferable.

4) Toys that are relevant to real life:

It is believed by some people that babies are born with a relatively empty mind, hence they want to fill it at all cost. This explains their exploration behavior. They want to learn everything, they want to know about the world around them. They want to give words to the images that they see in books and items in their environment. The toys that they play with can go a long way in helping them understand the world around them.

The best baby toys are those that are related to real-life objects. If you buy books, then it should be filled with colorful images of realistic things; animals, objects in the home etc. Your toy animals should actually look like real animals.

5) Toys that encourage activity:

As they become stronger and more confident with their bodies, babies will try out different physical tricks. The best forms of toys are those that encourage the child's current physical skills and will allow it develop more.