I am quite overwhelmed when I consider the unrest and turmoil in our world.  Coming from a first world country, the daily comforts we experience are but dreams & luxuries for the majority of our world.  There are so many people out there that need help, but where do we start? There are people out there that are lacking the basic needs to survive. Things like food, clothing, shelter, and protection which we take for granted are in desperate need for so many families around the world.  This many be due to war, famine, or an extreme weather event and it often takes decades for communities to recover.

Changing Lives

There are several practical ways we can help the poor and marginalized in our world through many wonderful organizations.  We can sponsor children which gives them basic food, healthcare, and education making a mighty difference in their family and community.  We can fund small business loans through a micro-finance organizations which gives individuals an opportunity to start a business or grow an existing one increasing their capacity to care for their families.  We can jump in and go on a volunteer trip to encourage, educate, or help with building projects within specific communities which literally gives families a roof over their heads.  We can package up a shoe-box with gifts for a child to make their Christmas brighter.

We can donate to organizations around the world that work hard to free victims of child and sex trafficking.  We can fund projects that help with practical issues like providing reusable sanitary items for girls which quite literally help girls stay in school for longer.  A really fun one is where we can buy clothing or groceries for ourselves knowing that an item or clothing or a food packaging will be dispatched to a needy person because of our purchase.  The list is endless.

The opportunities to help others are so many and varied that it can also be quite overwhelming when considering where we can personally make a difference.  Here at BerryBest Baby™ our family has been helping support a family who is on the ground in Africa working with an organization to provide education, health care, and water sanitation projects in African communities.


This family is working in Africa with mothers and babies in African communities to help improve child mortality and quality of life through care and education.  They assist the African families to be able to support themselves by helping them set up small sustainable businesses.  They are empowering them to be able to provide for themselves and their families.  They are giving them a hope that life can be better and are facilitating a way for that to happen.  We have committed to increasing our financial donation to this organization, but we need your help!  The fun part is that by helping us help others, you get to purchase from our range of baby clothing items for your own bub or as a gift for others.  Look out for new ranges soon, especially our dedicated African themed items in our Little African Heart range.  We are truly excited to be making a difference in our world in such a fun and gorgeous way!

How You Can Help

We are particularly passionate about empowering women to help their families thrive.  Because when babies thrive and their families are supported, then whole communities benefit in huge ways.  We have developed our gorgeous range of quality baby onesie bodysuits to help support African families in the fight against poverty.  A portion of the profit of the sale of each item will go directly to help with ‘on the ground’ support for these families.  We are excited at the potential this project has and when you purchase a product directly from our BerryBest Baby™ store you can be confident that you are giving hope and helping change the life of an African family in need.

Purchase a Baby Bodysuit to help families in Africa

Which design is your favorite?  Do you have a little one on the way or know someone who would love one as a gift?  Together, let’s start changing more lives today!

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