Packing for your hospital bag is an exciting time. It means that you are fast approaching the arrival of your new baby.

Why do I need a hospital bag?

A properly packed and ready-to-go baby hospital bag can help make a hospital stay comfortable. Your hospital bag keeps all the comforts of home at your fingertips for you and your partner. This bag offers parents some valuable peace of mind, keeping important belongings ready and waiting, leaving nothing to scramble around to pack last minute.

When do I need to pack my hospital bag?

Use the last few weeks of pregnancy to put together a well-stocked maternity and newborn bag. Many families pack their hospital bag ahead of time and keep it ready to go for when labor begins.
You may start packing it at any time in your pregnancy, but it is important to have everything packed by your 35th week in case baby comes early.
If you don’t already have a suitable bag, here are a few cool ones to choose from.


What goes in my hospital bag?

Packing your hospital bag to deliver your new sweet bundle of joy? I am going to be strictly honest with you…  Do NOT fret because you honestly do not need much.

Not only are you going to be leaving the hospital with a tiny little human being but you also don’t know how long you’ll be staying in for.  This does make it a little difficult in working out what and how much to pack but if you’re smart about it and organized you’ll be fine.

Before you pack your hospital bag, it’s helpful to know what your hospital or birthing center may provide. Of course, each facility is different and will provide different supplies; many moms find that no two hospitals are the same. You can count on your hospital to provide the basic necessities that you and your baby will need during your stay. If you take a hospital tour before going into labor (highly recommended) you may want to ask which items they will provide, and what they don’t.  A properly packed and ready-to-go baby hospital bag can help make a hospital stay comfortable.

We have created a cute list of essential items you’ll need at the hospital.  Use our downloadable list of items to bring to the hospital to make packing easy and stress-free.

We have divided the items going in the bag into three categories: Mom’s essentials, Dad’s essentials and Baby’s essentials. We have found it easier to pack essentials for the mom and baby in one bag and all of dad’s essentials in another bag.  We truly hope this is helpful for you!

*Helpful tip: Remember not to bring clothes and items that are too precious since they can be ruined at the hospital.

What doesn’t go in my hospital bag?

Overpacking is a thing! Some moms-to-be find themselves coming to hospital with 5 bags.  They discover that they have so much stuff they couldn’t find what they actually needed when they needed it.  Then they didn’t have enough of the essentials.  It can be very overwhelming, so our advice is to keep it simple.

The last thing I want to do is over pack since I do not want a delivery or recover room strewn with things I won’t use and, more importantly, don’t’ want too much to wash and unpack when my newly-expanded family returns home from the hospital exhausted with a newborn.


The most important thing to remember is that you will be taken care of no matter what. If one blanket isn’t enough at night, you ask your nursing staff for a second one straight out of the dryer and you will be plenty warm. If you have questions, your nurses are there to help you and guide you through the first day together.

One of my fondest memories of the midwives looking after me after baby number 3 was the one that brought me a hot pack for my back post labor.  It was the simplest thing, but one that really helped me relax and enjoy my newborn even more.

I hope this maternity hospital bag checklist has been helpful. Download it HERE.  Be prepared so that you’re as comfortable as can be during labor and your hospital stay. You’ll do great, mama! We’re here wishing you a healthy and happy labor experience for you and baby.