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We Recommend Sweet Almond Oil by Molivera Organics for your Baby

Molivera-Sweet-Almond-OilThe biggest reason we love it is that it’s perfect for helping remove cradle cap from your baby’s scalp!

Sweet almond oil has been used for centuries to soften and smooth the skin, and is perfect and extremely gentle for massaging your baby.

Almond oil has a light, sweet scent and is said to contain vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and E.

It is pure enough for sensitive baby skin and is naturally rich in emollients. This makes it a great choice to use on baby’s skin.

The emollient properties of almond oil make it a wonderful babies’ skin softener as it gently soothes the skin. It is possible to use almond oil as a lip balm for babies to soften dry, wind-blown or chapped lips.

Sweet almond oil helps retain moisture in the skin cells and gives additional moisture to the skin. This is especially important for babies who suffer from dry skin after birth.


Almond oil is a great baby massage oil for babies, as it stimulates respiration, circulation, digestion and elimination. Your baby is also more relaxed, and therefore, he sleeps more soundly. Massage is also thought to help relieve gas and colic, and can help heal the infant during illness by easing congestion and pain.


This as a baby oil won’t clog the pores and won’t cause skin problems. Vice versa it healsOil for healing baby's skin inflammation, eczema and even bacterial rash. Almond oil helps stop itching connected with babies’ eczema. Apply almond oil on the affected area several times a day and you baby will feel better. Almond oil also assists in dealing with cradle cap, or seborrheic dermatitis. You may rub almond oil on the scalp, leave for 30 minutes, wipe it off and then brush gently.

Babies’ skin is very sensitive. Parents often face difficulties to find skin care products that are not irritating. Studies show that almond oil for babies is completely safe and can be used for their delicate skin. Moreover, it is light and easily penetrates the skin.

To massage your baby after after their bath you should warm your hands, take a small amount of almond oil and gently massage your baby. Start from arms, then massage baby’s legs, chest, belly and back. Remember to massage the scalp with only tips of your fingers, not your fingernails. Do circular motions. Use only several drops of the oil. Be sure to make sure all the oil is massaged in, as excess oil left on the skin can cause irritation.


As an increasing percentage of children are allergic to nuts, so make sure you test your baby’s skin with just a drop of oil on their arm and wait 24 hours.

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It can fix their dry skin, help treat cradle cap, and make your baby feel and smell lovely.

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