Save with Reusable Swim Diapers

Do you LOVE swimming with your little one?  Purchasing new disposable swim diapers for each swim can get expensive if you do it a lot!   When there are such gorgeous and fun designs around of the reusable variety, there are absolutely no excuses not to go the earth friendly path and save money with this purchasing decision!

Best Swimming Diapers for Infants

There are so many gorgeous quality reusable absorbent swim diapers for babies. Then there are the non-absorbent variety, they are simply a quality PUL on the outer layer and a comfortable mesh on the inner layer.  They are mainly to contain poop!  Be careful when you are shopping so you can choose the ones you prefer.

The benefits of having the non-absorbent variety are that they are super simple to wash out under the tap and then hang to dry.  Even if they are soiled and need to go through a cycle in the washer, they still dry very quickly to be ready for the next swim.

The ones that have the absorbent layer, like the gorgeous i Play brand, would need to be machine washed each time your baby wet and soiled it.  If you swim frequently or have swimming lessons with your baby then having 2 or more of the absorbent swim diaper is recommended so there is time to wash and dry them between swims.

The advantage of the absorbent layer though is that it offers that extra layer of protection before your child enters the swimming pool but they do absorb water.  When wet, they are heavier than a reusable swim diaper without the absorbent layer, but this shouldn’t cause too much concern as they are designed to be used in the pool or at the beach.

It does pay to check your pools rules so you know what their requirements are for babies and swim diapers. This may help you with your decision on disposable vs reusable or absorbent vs non-absorbent.

Depending on how frequently you swim, you could be making a huge cost saving by using machine washable swim diapers.

favorite swim diapers for baby

Ok, for baby girls, these are the most adorable ones I’ve ever seen.  They’ve got the reusable diapers built into the one piece swim suit.  And like all i Play brand swim range, they’re sun protective too.  And there are so many designs to choose from.  Which ones are your favorite?

Let’s not forget about the little boys, These i Play swim shorts with sea creatures also have the triple layer swim diaper built in. Using the shorts variety rather than the underpant style means more sun protection for their chubby thighs.



Here are a few more brands that ace the swim diaper market:

nageuret reusables

charlie banana

alva baby

Unabsorbent Diapers for Babies Swimming

Using these non-absorbent kind of swim diapers in the pool or at the beach essentially keeps the solids messes contained and consequently out of the water you are swimming in. Win win for all!  Cleaning up is easy, if you do end up with a ‘used’ diaper, just dump the solids into a toilet, rinse under the laundry tap and chuck into the washer.

They are light in the water because they don’t have an absorbent layer.  This is so the swimmy nappy doesn’t get weighed down in the water which would make it extremely uncomfortable.

<< Fire Rescue Design Swim Diaper Pack

The soft to touch outer layer is 100% PUL which is what modern cloth diaper covers are made from and the inner layer is a soft nylon mesh which makes cleaning up messes easy and is very gentle on babies sensitive skin.

Cloth Swim Diapers Sizes

Some swim diapers come in sized increments from 6 months to 4 years, so you will need new ones each time your baby or toddler reaches a new size.  These are possibly more comfortable than the multi sized ones but certainly not as economical.  Pay close attention to the size chart so you order the correct size and get a perfect fit.  Some brands run smaller than others too, so double check your diaper sizes.

Some swim diapers snap up smaller or unsnap to a larger size just like regular cloth diapers. These are so versatile because they snap up small for little bubs, and for a toddler snap into a larger size.  You don’t need to buy bigger sizes of the snap reusable ones as they grow which makes these such great value for your dollars.  Generally these suit babies up to three years depending on how big your three year old is or when they are potty trained.  You will need make sure that they are a snug fit and firm around the legs and waist.

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