In our world we want nothing more than to make sure our little ones are safe and secure, and an important part of that is ensuring that they feel safe and secure – here’s what we do in our family. Make sure you read to the end for the most important thing!

1. Keep some kind of structure

Keeping some kind of structure and routine in each day helps children feel safe and secure. It is so important for them to know what’s going to happen to a certain degree. Routine helps them to be able to cope with other changes in their life as they still have some element of ‘normal’. So no matter what’s on for the day, I like to keep an element of routine in each day. This includes having our evening meal at the same time, then bath time, then story and bed time.

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Our happy boy!

2. Help them feel loved

Bath Time ~ I find bath time is an excellent way for my children to wind down after a big day. It helps them feel clean, snugly, and relaxed. It’s an event that signals the end of another day. It gives me a chance to make sure their faces are washed and hair is brushed at least once a day. For the baby – he has his hair brushed with our BerryBest Baby™ natural bristle baby hair brush. I love to brush his hair to keep it silky and shiny.

Story Time ~ Most of all, my children love it when Daddy & I sit down and read books to them. Story time is part of our evening routine and it’s great because they get that loving, snugly time just before they’re tucked into bed for the night giving them an extra sense of being loved and secure.

3. That one thing

An integral part of helping your baby feel safe and secure is to show them that they are a part of a loving family. So when I give my hubby a big kiss and hug before he heads out the door I know that for our children this reinforces the fact that they are part of a loving family, and this is the single biggest thing that helps them feel safe and secure when they are babies.

What are your routines or traditions that you like to do with your children each day? We’d love to hear from you.

Wishing you the BerryBest!

Heather & the BerryBest Baby™ team


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