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Soft Natural Brush for your Baby

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With the best of care for the precious heads of our littlest ones in mind, we have created the perfect first brush for even the most sensitive of newborn scalps. Babies love it. It’s the secret to having beautiful soft silky baby hair. The natural goats bristles are so soft you won’t believe it until you feel them for yourself, and is an essential item for your baby’s care.Newborn Brush

You can purchase your own Berry Best Baby hairbrush (UPC: 702669677929) now at Amazon right here.

The ‘product testing’ has been done on our 8 month old son (he’s in the below video) and his hair is absolutely beautiful. I only wish we had this kind of product on hand when our girls were babies.

For the girls we had a simple plastic one, and to be honest I barely used it. There wasn’t anything special about the plastic and I didn’t feel like it was a necessary part of their hair and head care.

I now know that there are so many benefits gleaned from brushing regularly. It keeps your baby’s head and scalp healthy and stimulated. This is great for the development of their central nervous system.

Once you get your hands on this soft brush, you’ll be wanting to use it on your baby’s hair constantly.

A friend is using hers while feeding her newborn and loves how it massages her son’s head ever so gently, stimulating his scalp while bringing health and shine to his hair.

We are getting amazing feedback about this first BerryBest Baby™ offer, babies are being soothed to sleep with it, and toddlers are actually asking for their hair to be brushed. Yes, that’s right, I was astounded at this news! I’m still trying to convince my girls (2 years and 4 years at time of writing) that it’s good to do your hair EVERY day. I love styling their hair, and they just try to wriggle free. One day we’ll be on the same side, I’m trusting.

Do you want your little one to just close their eyes and enjoy the soft massage it provides? Chances are with this natural brush they’ll do just that. You can teach them to enjoy having their hair done early and you will reap the rewards later on.

It gives their head a beautifully gentle massage, and it is soft enough for even a newborn’s delicate head encouraging health and shine for their fine tresses. It teaches them to enjoy having their hair done and stimulates tactile exploration without danger of being spiked. The bristles are just beautiful, and will ‘bounce’ back if they have been squashed.

Do you want to reduce the occurrence of cradle cap?

Regular daily brushing with this brush has been known to reduce the occurrence of cradle cap on your little one’s scalp keeping it stimulated and free of any residue. Depending on the child and/or the kind of cradle cap, you can reduce or even eliminate it by being consistent with looking after their scalp every day. Of course, the best strategy is to start looking after their scalps when they are newborns.

Do you want an easy and perfect baby shower gift?

Baby enjoying her hairbrushIn perfectly presented packaging, which is strong, secure and beautiful this also makes an ideal baby shower gift.  Great for a gift basket or on it’s own, you’ll find it simple to gift wrap.  So next time you’re on the lookout for a gift for that next baby shower, make sure you remember BerryBest Baby – wooden and natural.

Now beautiful soft silky locks are easy to achieve at home using less than a minute a day and this beautifully crafted wooden handle brush for your little treasure.

Soft baby brush with wooden handle, nest to box.

Designed to care for the precious heads of the littlest of people in our lives. This is truly a wonderful choice if you’re looking for a gift for a baby shower, a christening, a birthday or a birth.

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Wishing you the BerryBest!

Heather & the BerryBest Baby™ team