Helping you Make an Informed Choice for your Baby’s Hair Care

There are several kinds of baby hair brushes on the market and it can be confusing as to what is the best kind to use for our babies. I’ll run through a few of the broad categories for you to highlight the differences.

Cheap Brush for BabyLow Price

Generally you’ll get what you pay for. You can get cheap plastic brushes at the $2 shop, and that’s what you’ll get – a cheap plastic brush. These probably are best for your children to use for their dolls. They’ll generally feel harsh to touch therefore making them unsuitable for babies.

FunBaby Giraffe Novelty Brush

Then there are the plastic brushes that are novelty, ones with pretty giraffe and ladybird designs just to name a few. Children love to play with these as they are bright, eye-catching, and fun. You’ll find that the plastic bristles on these might be soft enough for your baby so should work well for styling their hair.

Brush and Comb Set for BabyPractical

This is a cute little brush and comb set with ergonomic handles, it is small so is quite suitable for a child’s hand, and has soft plastic bristles so will style your baby’s hair beautifully.

Special purposeCradle Cap Brush

These brushes are specifically designed to treat and prevent cradle cap. The plastic bristles are soft enough to be gentle on baby’s scalp but are firm enough to tease away the scaly cradle cap. Being plastic they are fine to use in the water while you are shampooing your baby’s hair.

Natural goat hair brush on a wooden handle. Contains long soft goat hair bristles, on clear white background.

Natural Goat Bristle

A natural goat bristle brush is perfect for newborns as the softness of the bristles are suitable for their tender scalps yet still effective in styling their hair and stimulating their scalp. They are also great at keeping cradle cap under control. A natural bristle brush will naturally leave your baby’s hair soft and silky. The timber handle also makes this a beautiful brush to use.

Natural Boar BristleBoar Bristle Baby Hairbrush

these brushes are made with a boar bristle. Boar bristle is stiffer than goat hair so be very cautious using it on a newborn, however it would be perfect for the toddler who has thicker hair.

Personalised Baby Hair BrushKeepsake

This nickel plated brush doesn’t tarnish so will stay nice, and as a bonus you can get it personalised as a lovely keepsake. While it is a lovely brush, the effort has gone into the nickel handle and the engraving. The bristles are practical, great for styling, but aren’t from a natural source.

Tiffany & CoTiffany & Co. Baby Brush

This beautiful Elsa Peretti designed brush is elegant in all its glory. Be prepared to pay several hundred dollars for this one, and for it to be handed down from generation to generation!

One thing to watch out for if you are purchasing a brush for your baby online is check the size of the brush as quite often a baby brush is very small in size and in the pictures they look larger, so be sure to check the descriptions.

It is also very hard to gauge the softness of the brush if you are purchasing online, so make sure you read the review of customers who have already purchased the product, they are probably your best guide as to which brush is suitable for your use.

Read my post here about the benefits of a natural bristle brush, as brushing your baby’s hair with natural bristles is beneficial in so many more ways than just making your baby look pretty! This is by far my favorite kind of brush to use for my baby.

Do you have a brush for your baby that you love? Share with us in the comments! We love hearing from you.

Wishing you the BerryBest!

Heather & the BerryBest Baby™ team