Baby Care – Hair, Head and Scalp

Below I share with you 5 great benefits your baby receives when you brush their hair every day.???????????????????????????????

  1. Keeps the Scalp Stimulated – Sensational

Your baby’s scalp is stimulated when you brush their hair, even with a soft natural bristle baby brush. Stimulating the hair follicles increases blood flow to the scalp which promotes healthy hair growth. Our baby boy has a beautiful head of hair and I’m sure it’s because we have been brushing it regularly from early on.

  1. Calming and Comforting for Baby – Wonderful

Particularly when your baby is a newborn, brushing their hair can relax your baby and even help them go to sleep. This may be particularly useful if your baby has trouble settling down for a sleep. The added benefit of this is that it hopefully will help you get a bit more sleep too!

  1. Massages the Scalp – Remarkable Facts

You can give your baby a gentle scalp massage as you brush their hair, and if they enjoy it you can also use your baby hair brush to massage their necks and shoulders. Did you know that massaging is one of many stimuli that exercises your baby’s nervous system? Exercising your baby’s nervous system will help them develop a stronger brain and central nervous system.

  1. Treats Cradle Cap – Outstanding News

A very useful reason to regularly brush your baby’s hair is to reduce the chances of them developing cradle cap. Brushing has been known to reduce existing cradle cap, and can help to treat cradle cap by teasing the flakes from the scalp. I’ll be sharing my tips on treating cradle cap soon.

  1. Styles Their Hair – Oh So Practical

It makes your baby look amazing! When you brush you can style their hair however you like. Brushing everyday makes their hair beautifully silky and shiny. It also helps with the matted ‘bed’ hair they may wake up with. I find that if I brush my baby’s hair really well after his bath and make sure it is really dry before he goes to bed, then he is much less likely to wake up with messy ‘bed’ hair the next day.

It is also very important to use the right kind of brush for your baby. Learn about the different kinds of brushes and what to watch out for in this post.

If your baby has experienced these or additional benefits from having their hair brushed, please share them with us in the comments. As always we love to hear from you, happy brushing!

Wishing you the BerryBest!

Heather & the BerryBest Baby™ team